About Our Company

Our company was founded in 1997 under the name of MP Technik. Our production programme was simple metal processing. A year later Mr. Peter Stolfig entered the firm who had had a successful firm in Germany focused mainly on prototypes production for automotive industry since 1986.

In 2000 our firm changed name to STOLFIG s.r.o. and its production programme also focused more on car prototypes production. This way the factory in Chotesov near Pilsen joined the other two factories in Germany (Geisenfeld, Pausa).
The first CNC milling machine was bought.

The next year we started do develop our activities in the domestic market more. Till 2000 export had made up more than 90%. In 2001 we bought another CNC milling machine and 3D measuring machine by Stiefelmayer as part of widening activities. Buying the new machine the production possibilities of the firm significantly increased. Our production programme was enriched with series stamping tools and inspection jigs production.

In 2002 we extended our inventory with a 3D laser. This way we have become one of important suppliers of prototype parts for car industry.

In 2005 our production facilities were even more enlarged. We bought new CNC measuring machine, electrospark wire cutting machine, mechanical stamping machine with winding-off and feeding lines. A new storage hall was built as well as a roofing for palets.

In 2007 a new tool shop hall is going to be opened. One more new CNC milling machine should be bought for this hall.